1. when you’re at jail and suddenly find the guest…

    Episode 32

  2. gwang soo jail-sunbaenim…

Episode 32

    gwang soo jail-sunbaenim…

    Episode 32

  3. Ah, really love their relationship…

  4. Happy 3rd Anniversary Running Man! 

  5. wave~~~~

  6. Who's your fave character in Running Man? Pretty sure this is a hard question.. :3

    well, it’s really hard to choose. every episode in RM really ruined my fave member sequence. at first I love Ji Hyo, but in other episode I really love Haha, and there are times that I love Joong Kook. But Easy Brother stupid act makes me love them, and don’t forget about our adorable MC Jae Suk, hihihi

  7. Hi! How do you post captions under the photo? I know this isn't running man related.. but please,, how? :)

    if you mean the caption is the “this-is-runningman.tumblr.com” in the photo, I use iPiccy, it’s not hard to use it :), but if you mean it’s the “Episode …” you can add it after upload the photo, in the under of it. sorry for my bad english :D

  8. Episode 76

    Episode 76

  9. Episode 40

  10. Episode 55

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